Car Park Guidance Systems
For indoor car parks

Car Detection with Ultrasonic Sensor
The ultrasonic sensor for car detection is a key component in the  guidance system. At regular intervals, the sensor emits an ultrasonic pulse and measures the time delay until the echo pulse is received. If the echo time deviates from the floor echo time measured during calibration, the sensor will assume a car is present. Multiple sensors can be calibrated simultaneously by issuing a calibration command via the network. The sensor is available with built-in LED indication for occupied / free parking bay, but in many cases it is a better solution in terms of visibility to use a slave LED indicator mounted externally along the carpark driveway. The sensor is equipped with a Dupline® 3-wire bus interface for power supply and communication.

The Dupline® Carpark System Guides You to the Right Spot
This new innovative system saves time and reduces stress for drivers by leading them to free parking bays by the shortest possible route. Networked Ultrasonic sensors monitor parking bay occupancy, and intelligent displays show the number of free places in the pointing direction, thereby preventing drivers from entering driveways or areas with no free places. The system is completely scalable and can be used within any type and size of indoor parking lot. In spite of the advanced function, the system is surprisingly easy to install and configure. Amount of exhaust gases decreases correspondingly. The reduced need for ventilation provides direct savings in energy costs.

Clear Indication of Free Places
The Dupline parking system is characterized by a very clear indication of the free places. The parking bay indicators and the guidance displays are based on high-bright LEDs making them  visible from a distance, and the guidance displays are featuring “moving arrows” attracting the attention of the drivers.

Saving Time and Reducing Stress for the Drivers
The users of busy Carparks will experience an improved parking service, resulting in a higher perceived value. Precious time is saved, the level of comfort is increased, and furthermore, the stress and emotion created by the search and “fight” for free
places is avoided.

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