Fast Park®

Fast Park® is the original and innovative, patented, modular, one deck car park system designed to virtually double the capacity of an existing or new surface area, by use of a free-standing deck installed in the minimum of time with the least disruption.
Pre-fabricated elements are installed on the surface without any traditionally excavated foundations.

The finished structure can be demounted and 100% re-assembled on another site in many different configurations.

In many cases installation can be phased to retain spaces for an ongoing parking operation and its revenue stream. Fast Park® is the ideal solution to increase capacity, between surface and multi-storey car parks.

The Fast Park® system is composed of 5.0m x 5.0m modular steel elements. Hot-dipped galvanized pillars and beams create the structural steel frame.
Designed to be installed without foundations, the system has adjustable height and will take up undulations in the surface by means of a base plate on which is located a hemi-spherical node, to ensure verticality of the column. Wind braces assure the avoidance of abnormal stresses.

Being flexible and modular the Fast Park® structure provides truly fast and accurate installation, easy maintenance.

Fast Park® can be shipped and delivered within 3 months.

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