POM Parking Meters
Single space parking meter

Since 1935, POM has been the leader in parking meter innovation.  With hundreds of thousands of electronic meters installed worldwide today, POM is best known for its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

POM is proud to be the oldest and largest manufacturer of parking meter systems in the world, as well as the leader in pioneering new technology for the parking market. POM’s resident and worldwide network of parking systems specialists are experienced in structuring and Implementing integrated systems of single and multi-space meters, accessories, ParkCard systems, software and communications, and enforcement technology to meet your needs.

For over 60 years, POM has been designing and building meter systems to fit the needs of our customers. Our commitment is unequalled in the industry. A commitment to product design and customer service. When you compare the features of the APM model to others on the market, take a close look at the company that stands behind it.

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